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Researchers need to describe in detail the methods and methodology followed for obtaining information while writing their dissertations. Not only the broad aspects of method selection needs to be looked into but approaches to handle even minute aspects with major implications also need to be well chosen. It is not only important for the researcher to explain the method but also explain the reason behind the selection of methods.

The choice of methods depends upon:

  • The research problem and requirements
  • The purpose of the research
  • Constraints of time, money and resources
  • Type of data required
  • Type of data sources
  • Location of study

In order to identify proper methodology researchers must have updated knowledge of all methods, their limitations and advantages so as to match them with the situation; they should be aware of the assumptions of the selected methods and check for compliance to situation or type of data before applying them. Several times the methods may have to be adjusted or modified a little to attain more accurate results, knowledge of such adjustment components aids in better method planning.

When a research paper is submitted for peer review, veteran peers may review the method plan from the following angles:

  • Correctness: peers will check into the correctness of each method used in relation to the research context and suggest alternatives for incorrect methods used.
  • Efficiency: sometimes more than one method may be correct but one may be more efficient than others in terms of same accuracy level at lesser cost and time, peers can suggest more efficient alternative methods to the researcher
  • Method Power: peers who are updated on current scenario have knowledge of modern and advanced techniques; they can suggest such alternatives in place of outdated or obsolete methods.

Use of adjusters: peers having in-depth statistical knowledge can suggest mathematical adjusters to increase research quality like decreasing error.


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